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Working With AMP

Working with American Medical Products is easy

We support our line of spinal bracing products with comprehensive service and support that minimizes your workload while maximizing positive patient outcomes. Knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives are available to take orders and answer questions in timely manner to enhance patient care.


At AMP, we have programs available for distributors, DME/HME dealers, and direct-to-medical professionals. We have sales support representatives at our corporate headquarters available to serve dealers and physicians throughout the U.S.

Dealers / Distributors

Getting set up as an authorized AMP dealer is quick and simple. Contact a sales representative at 888-487-3101 to complete a credit application and simple distribution agreement when placing your initial order. All of our products have been PDAC reviewed and meet or exceed the requirements for their respective codes and are approved for reimbursement by Medicare and most private pay insurances. We can also assist you with submitting the product to PDAC for approval as a distributor.

Medical Professionals

Contact our sales representatives at 888-487-3101 to learn where to purchase products from your local distributor. Our staff can assist you with educating your staff on the proper documentation needed for the insurance claims for the DME product portion, thereby reducing your administrative workload and ensuring prompt handling.


American Medical Products manufactures its spinal bracing products using only the best materials to ensure your comfort with therapeutic care. Our products were designed using our combined 50 years of industry experience – the result is a line of spinal braces that we feel confident is the most functional and user-friendly available. If you or someone you know is experiencing mild to severe back pain, please ask your doctor about a spinal brace from American Medical Products. Contact us for patient testimonials or for prescribing physicians in your area.